Hi ! I'm Marie Ecarlat, a French, 24 years old artist !
I specialize  in Visual Development and  Illustration,
and   graduated   from  a   3D  animation   and   VFX 
school (ESMA Montpellier - France).

I've  worked  for 2  years  at  Golden Wolf,  a 
London  based  animation  studio,  and  have 
been working as a freelancer since May 2015.

I'm currently looking out for new adventures, and
am  fully available for full time or freelance  jobs
(remote or in-house).

Don't hesitate to send me an email :

Attention please :
Images  on  this  blog  are  not  royalty  free. 

You  can  NOT  use  any  of  them without my
permission.   Also,   please   don't   forget   to 
mention my name when reblogging on Tumblr
 or   Pinterest.  Commercial  use  is,  obviously,
strictly prohibited. Thanks.